Мониторинг движения автопоездов
Our primary guidelines
Group "LogoMAS" was created to provide customs and logistics services to participants of foreign economic activity. Given the geopolitical situation of the Kaliningrad region, the establishment on its territory of free economic zone, a group of companies "LogoMAS" organized its activities as an international carrier has a fleet of owned trucks, customs broker (broker), financial agent, insurance agent, buyer and seller of automotive special engineering, logistics, freight forwarder. Our company provides any participant of foreign economic activity in one place, the possibility of a comprehensive service from purchasing goods and shipment of the vehicle prior to the release of the customs declaration and shipping it to the customer's warehouse. Under the concept of transfer of the main customs clearance at the border of the Russian Federation, a group of companies "LogoMAS" working closely with key regional and border terminals, which allows us to offer clients the most optimal timing and cost of transportation routes and places of customs clearance.

Currently, the group of companies "LogoMAS" provides the following services:

  • Consulting on customs legislation;
  • Making transit of goods and vehicles through the territory of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Examination of goods, vehicles and facilities;
  • Green Cards in Europe, cargo insurance, vehicles, facilities and any other insurance;
  • Financial Logistics (purchase and payment of goods through our contract);
  • Cargo Consolidation and warehousing.

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